Hi, I'm Stacey Lake.

Working to put Victorville, CA on the map for tech

Serial entrepreneur and an unshakable optimist dedicated to bridging the access to justice gap.

With a relentless commitment to adapting to her clients' ever-changing needs, Stacey has founded multiple successful legal-based businesses, notably including Lawfecta and LawWurk. Beyond being a passionate entrepreneur, she shines as a dynamic business partner, dedicated to delivering groundbreaking and value-driven solutions that fuel business growth.

Stacey's expertise extends far beyond the legal realm. As a captivating speaker, she boasts an impressive portfolio of engagements at prestigious platforms such as the ABA TechShow, various legal associations, and the esteemed Lorman Education Services. Her powerful communication skills are matched only by the infectious enthusiasm and unwavering conviction she brings to every message, leaving audiences both captivated and informed.

When Stacey isn't busy assisting her clients or revolutionizing the legal landscape, she loves immersing herself in nature's embrace. Whether camping amidst the wilderness, conquering hiking trails, savoring a fancy craft beer, or experimenting with innovative recipes, she embraces life's adventures with boundless enthusiasm.

Stacey's multifaceted prowess as a legal expert, innovative entrepreneur, and engaging speaker truly sets her apart, making LegalStacey.com the go-to destination for groundbreaking legal solutions and business growth.


Connecting the public with affordable and alternative (nonlawyer) paraprofessional legal support for various cases, using innovative technologies and state-specific resources. Our directory provides a genuine experience with the support of a legal professional that is knowledgeable and capable of seeing you through this difficult time.


In the fast paced, dynamic market, legal firms need to adapt to be sustainable. Staffing is a vital component in running a firm effectively. However, the overhead costs may have a detrimental effect on your earnings. Lawfecta is a Virtual Paralegal and Legal Secretary support agency offering remote services to Attorneys, Law Firms and other small businesses throughout the United States.


With LegalRvw, attorneys can unlock the full potential of online reviews as a strategic tool to enhance their practice. Experience the ease and efficiency of our innovative review management system and watch as your law firm's reputation soars to new heights. Join us today and be part of the legal community's movement towards excellence in client satisfaction and engagement.


The simplest rewards program for High Desert Businesses. Get a 2X increase in return rates and a 30% increase in revenue with digital reward cards. Join us now and experience the future of customer loyalty - simple, digital, and rewarding for both businesses and customers alike. Together, we'll pave the way for a stronger, more prosperous High Desert business community.

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